Abuse of public money in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh cm

Today, a CAG report has stated that the allocation and expenditure in Andhra Pradesh are not getting.

“Cost control and monitoring in the state are weak. Spending as much money. In the last quarter, more than half of the funds are spent, “said Indian Comptroller and Auditor General-CAG.

Basic education has been exempted from infrastructure and blamed the lack of proper assessment of the number of children. Questioning the use of teachers for non-teaching activities.

In the next seven years, Rs 76,888 crore is due to be paid and the burden will have a huge impact on the budget.

Public sector firms have expressed their displeasure over misappropriation of public money.

CAG reports were introduced Friday in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

“In the National Rural Drinking Water Program in Andhra Pradesh, Rs. 491.83 crore funds were lost. Over 271 small, medium and heavy projects in the state have been estimated at over Rs 28,000 crore. This situation has arisen due to timely completion of projects. 64 public sector firms were trapped in losses. 25,367 crore lost in losses. This is the misuse of the economy, “the CAG report blamed.

In the various sectors of the state, the loss of revenue of Rs 607.51 crore was caused by many deficiencies.

Special status movement into the nation

TDP chief Chandrababu has suggested to the party leaders that the special status movement should be taken to the people, according to Andhra Pradesh magazine.

The TDP Legislative Assembly on Friday held Chandrababu signs on the activities of the future fighting on the Center.

After the MPs returned to the state, they would conduct a statewide bus tour, and the tour map would be finalized soon.

In parallel to this, he said that the government will also send teams to Delhi.

The decision of the Assembly to hold a special session of Parliament will be sent to the Center by the state government delegation.

“The BJP has betrayed the state. The VCP’s politics is for politics. Whose attitude should be taken to the public, “he said.

Chandrababu made it clear that there is no truth in the BJP campaign to support TDP in Karnataka.

Pawan said that the BJP is trying to divide and divide it. Chandrababu commented that Pawan’s ignorance is visible.

“He says two hundred acres of land is enough for the capital. The present temporary sanctuary is in two hundred acres. Will the capital be with it? “He asked.


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