Data rates have declined substantially

Reliance jio

Saving Rs 64,000 crore to consumers. GDP per capita is 5.65 percent increase: IFC

NEW DELHI: Mobile data has been reported in the country with the introduction of Reliance jio and Rs 64,000 crore per year, according to a report. India’s GDP per capita is expected to increase by 5.65 percent. According to the report, a GB download price has come down from Rs 152 to Rs 10, due to the introduction of Geo, a large number of the Indian population. Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School The Institute for Competitiveness (IPFC), a subsidiary of the Indian Institute of Technology, has conducted research on the underlying economic benefits of the country after Geo’s debut. Highlights from that report …

Data rates have declined substantially, with new social groups accessing data. Many have come to the internet for the first time.

Given the underestimation of Gio’s access, users have saved over $ 1,000 billion (Rs 64,000 crore). The country’s GDP per capita is likely to grow at 5.65 percent due to wide network impact.
Internet expansion is not only a telecom sector but also for Internet-based systems. Per capita GDP increased by 3.9 percent, while 18 percent of the country’s Internet penetration grew by 10 percent in 2004-14.
The front cover of the telecom industry until the Geo comes up is the cover of the cover. The 75 percent revenue generated a free lifetime calls for customers in the telecom industry, through voice calls, introduced a new dimension in the competition.
Within the next six months, Geo has become the largest data consumption in the world with the use of over 100 crores Gb data per month. Prior to that, it had 20 billion Gb. By the end of 2017, Geo users use 10 GB data per month and 700 minutes of voice. Also, watch 134 hours of videos.
India is also followed by China in App Downloads. Digital consumption was not a year ago. Geo has introduced many digital applications for customers’ needs in education, health, entertainment, and banking.


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