Did Russian intelligence is responsible for the murder?

Russian intelligence is responsible for the murder,

Britain is claiming that Russian intelligence is responsible for the murder, but the names of the spies cannot be said. Russia claims that the world must believe that the British secret agents are responsible for the screw pull and the Russians if they do not claim to be responsible for the murder. A diplomatic approach to resolve any problem.

Modern dictatorship does not mean that there are diplomatic channels to address issues through negotiations and that such diplomatic staff is not present.

Sergei Scripp was recognized as a hand in international espionage before the collapse of the Soviet Union. There are not awards and rewards. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he also spied on behalf of Russia in Britain and Spain. He then again became a double agent in spying operations in Britain. Until then, the military secrets of Britain were given to his country, and then the secrets of Russia reached Britain.

Sergio Scripp’s handwriting is more than just about 300 Russian agents who work in Britain, and he is the only one to be handed over to the British government. It’s past.

Nearly a month ago, Sergei, a city near Britain, had a fatal attack on Sergey. In that attack, he and his daughter went almost asleep. Funny is the shocking strategy that the British government has switched to Russia in the wake of the assault on Russia, which Screppul is up to as long as yesterday and the transformation of this evolution into an international crisis.

At the center of a person, in the face of the mysterious dual citizenship, international politics reacted based on speculative allegations and rivalries. Russia has excluded more than 100 diplomatic missions from Russia, including Britain, the United States and their Eastern European allies (including those of the former Soviet allies), who have excommunicated over 100 more diplomatic missions. Putin’s government is very stable and very silent when Britain and the US initially announced the decision to boycott Russian diplomats.

In response to the creation of diplomatic turmoil, Russia declared openly that “when the time is realized, it will take the right decision and retaliate in the right way.” But the silence has been announced to announce that the British Council and the US Consulate offices are also being closed down for 24 hours without proclaiming the diplomatic emancipation of rival nations. The British situation that once was the notorious British Empire, the situation of our grandparents in the past has now been limited to the claiming that the mummies were sweeping away.

There is no one right now. More specifically, Britain’s reputation in the face of Brezhitz was internationally diminished. However, the British Prime Minister Teresa May was forced to leave the wheel of the United States and the Nato member countries in a few hours to give her respect for her speech, and they were forced to boycott the Russian diplomatic staff in Russia. Within a short period of time, Putin was deeply disturbed by NATO’s intensive diplomatic move to become a solidarity with Britain. That is why he did not expect ‘the time to come’. And how many people are you boycotting and throwing people out of the way?

The separation of mutual emissary politics is not new among America and Russia. The then President Barack Obama has boycotted nearly 35 Russian diplomats when allegations of involvement in Russia’s involvement in the US election and the use of digital technology was aimed at winning the trump. Obama then ordered to seize Russian assets in Maryland and New York. But Russia did not want to take action for this action. Russian President Putin was hoping to see how the trumpet is coming to power so that it will soon be able to accommodate everything. But the trump was not waited for six months after taking power, and Russian officials were sent to the US on the same allegations.

This led to the release of hundreds of American diplomats from Russia and their home. Thus, the US condemned the Russian consulate in San Francisco, calling it a ” Russia has now ordered the closure of the Russian Consulate in Seattle.

Britain has also had a history of Russian diplomats from the past, but it was in the seventy and eighty years. While the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union continues to be widespread, the British government has also acted in the United States and diplomatic efforts to commemorate America, In Europe, Britain has not shown much interest in Russia’s affairs, after the Soviet flames have floundered in Soviet-friendly countries, and eventually the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the policies that Russia has pursued in recent years are also making the compression to Britain. Particularly Ukraine, the prosecution of the prosecution, the allegations that Russia intervened in the United States elections.


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