future of the president if citizens joins the motion of censure


The PP is raised as Cifuentes does not return to be a candidate in 2019

The party will only accelerate the decision on the future of the president if citizens join the motion of censure
Leaders of the PP already consider the possibility that Cristina Cifuentes does not repeat as a candidate to govern Madrid in 2019. However, the party is focused on the immediate thing – to know if Ciudadanos will support the motion of censorship that unites PSOE and Podemos, which It would accelerate a decision – and the regional leader still has solid support, such as that of the general secretary, María Dolores de Cospedal.

The last word will be Mariano Rajoy, who yesterday merged into a hug with Cifuentes.
The PP faces a potentially catastrophic situation for its electoral interests. Madrid should be the dam to contain the tide of the rise of Citizens in the elections of 2019. Before the motion of censorship endorsed by the PSOE and Podemos against Cifuentes, the PP now depends precisely on this party so as not to drop the Chairwoman. The conservative training, in addition, lacks a plan b that allows it to immediately impel a candidate with the potential of Cifuentes. And that caused yesterday that the PP started its national convention, held in Seville, shaken by the earthquake of the case of the master.
The politicians closest to Rajoy arrived in Seville convinced that they should elaborate their strategy around two incontestable facts.

The first, that Cifuentes would not resign. And the second, that Rajoy would not endanger the Government of Madrid to defend it. Therefore, sources of the national leadership recognized the existence of three options.
The first is to leave the future of the president in the hands of the open judicial investigation until its conclusions force a decision of the party or its resignation. The second, allow the continuity of Cifuentes in a situation of extreme weakness until the end of the legislature, then replace it with another candidate for 2019. And the third, precipitate its fall and replacement by one of the PP deputies in Madrid if Ciudadanos addition to the motion of censure of PSOE and Podemos. That is the red line of Rajoy, according to one of its advisors: not to lose the autonomic Government.

If the party of Albert Rivera does not add to the vote to knock down Cifuentes – offering, for example, to change position if the PP replaces it with another deputy -, the leaders of the conservative formation will be left to rock by the parsimonious rhythm that prefers its president, and they will wait “to see how everything ends”. The debate about what should be done in the future will then open up more clearly. And internal discrepancies will be reflected. In the PP there is no longer unanimity in the bet of Cifuentes as a candidate. And there are leaders who even recognize a fear: that Cifuentes will resist until the end, even if the party withdraws the candidacy of 2019, to maintain the organic position of regional president of the conservative formation. The same recalled this interlocutor, who made Pedro Antonio Sánchez in Murcia.

Whatever happens, the PP faces a crisis of national consequences. If Cifuentes falls, the party will have lost one of the five remaining autonomous presidents and the policy that has raised the flag of regeneration. The management recognizes that few names of the party can match the electoral pull of the leader from Madrid.

Thus, Deputy Secretary Pablo Casado seems destined to fight for the mayoralty of the capital; Vice President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría wants to continue in the Executive; and the national leadership considers it crazy to have the president of the Congress, Ana Pastor, for the position. Opting for Galician policy would endanger the control of the House of Representatives, which the PP obtained in a very tight vote, just when the Government, which is in the minority, needs it most. Something unthinkable, as they claim from the headquarters of Genoa street.


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