Pawan Kalyan’s padayatra for special status

Janasena Party Pawan Kalyan Padayatra Vijayawada Photos

Pavan Kalyan, the Janasena Chief, said, “The government will announce its agenda before the all-party meeting on special status for the AP. Initially, there was no idea about this in mind. If there is a good conscience, it is definitely supported.

After convincing these words, the government is not convinced. The state government and opposition party are doing opportunistic struggles on this issue. The felicitation was held on Friday in Vijayawada under the leadership of Janasana, CPM, CPI, and others alleging that the central and state governments were fraudulent. About 4 km from Benz Circle to Ramavarapalam Junction. Take a walk on the pad. When the CPI (M) secretary of state, Madhu shook it, Pawan was wearing his hand and walking a short distance. Pawan told a press conference at Rameswaram near Kodali, where he stayed. “I do not like to bring people into the roads. When the rulers failed, people were forced to walk through the pedestrian through the public movement. If I go to death, the situation is different. Other people’s initiatives are dramatic. ” In the next few days, all sections of the 13 districts will be ready to take up the movement, Jasseena, CEC and CPI have decided.

Believe in the public domain: CPM Madhu
For the first time, the Left has mobilized along with Pawan Kalyan. It was successful. The central government has avoided dishonesty in parliament. That is why we have taken disbelief in the public sector. Jasseena, CPM, CPI, Loksatta, BSP, Special Handicapped Sadhana Samithi and others participated in the pad festival. We went to the last alliance and told the government that we can not move together with the government. Go to the all-party manager again.

CPM AP secretary Ramakrishna is a limited CE Chief
Friday’s festivities took place in 13 districts of the state. People volunteered. CM Chandrababu went to the Central Hall of Parliament and restricted only to Selphie. Need to go to national leaders’ homes? CPM and CPI offices did not go.


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