World Health Day: Have you been born after 1990?

World Health Day

World Health Day: Have you been born after 1990?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is now 70 years old. On April 7, it is celebrated as World Health Day.

But this health day is a ‘theme’ every year.

This year’s Universal Health Coverage .. is being organized by the Health Day.

The World Health Organization has revealed 9 interesting things about health in this background.

1. Are you born after 1990?
However, you have an average of six years of life before you are born.

In the year 2012, the baby is living at an average of 70 years.

In the countries where the authorities are in power, their age is 79 years.

2. Breastfeeding .. With a simple vaccine, life for up to 66 lakh children annually

Every year more than 66 million children die within five years.

Breastfeeding can be preserved in a timely manner.

Clean drinking water and hygienic atmospheres are also a child’s death.

3. One out of every 10 people is a monthly bidder
1.5 crore children are born annually for months.

In other words, one in every ten births takes place a month ago.

That’s why millions of children die annually.

More than 7.5 million children can be protected if appropriate care is provided.

(If they are born before 37 months, they are considered a child born of one month.)

4. The cause of death is heart disease
There are 3 heart attacks in every ten deaths.

Most people die from heart attack and strokes.

80 percent of premature deaths can be prevented if fumigation is avoided, appropriate health food and physical activity.

5.HIV deaths in Africa.

In 2012, more than 70 percent of HIV deaths were reported in Africa.

The number of these victims has decreased significantly compared to the previous seven years. In 2005, 23 lakh people died due to HIV infection in the world, down from 16 lakh in 2012.

Most of the countries still in the lowland do not know that they have HIV.

6. 800 mothers die every day
Prior to her pregnancy, there are more than 800 women in the world who care for appropriate care, medical facilities or the world.

This rate is higher in poorer countries.

7. 3500 people die in road accidents

Most of the world’s road accidents cause death.

As many as 3500 people die each day and thousands of people are injured.

As the number of vehicles increases, these accidents are also rising.8. 60 lakh people are sacrificed to tobacco
Smoking tobacco and smoke in the world directly causes the death of over 50 million people.

Many people are suffering from indirect smokers.

The number of people who die from tobacco in 2030 will reach 30 lakh if appropriate measures are not taken in this regard.

9. Diabetes in every 10 people
Ten percent of the world’s population is suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is increasing in the number of people who die and stroke and die. In 2012, 15 lakh people died due to diabetes.


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