Another gold in lifting for India CWG 2018

India's fifth gold medal
CWG 2018: Punam Yadav clinches India's fifth gold medal

Poonam Yadav, who won a bronze medal at Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow four years ago, received gold. Poonam told reporters that they had settled in spite of financial difficulties. His sister had gone into weightlifting with the encouragement and said that his father had made debts when he was training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. After winning the medal there, the 22-year-old Poonam, who works in the present railway department, said, His goal is to bring more medals to the country.

Gold Coast, April 8: India’s medal hunting continues in the Commonwealth Games weightlifting. On the fourth day of the competition, another gold was put into an account. Poonam Yadav was the winner of the women’s 69 kg category.

This is the fifth gold for India in weightlifting. Poonam, who weighs a total of 222 kg at 110, 110 in Clean and Jerk in Snatch, is the number one to surpass his closest rivals. She received a weighty silver medal at the 217kg of England Lifter Sarah Davis with 95. (95 in Snatch, 122 in Clean and Jerk). Her clean and jerk tried to lift 128 kilos in the last attempt. But, as it fails, the silver medal is limited. The Apollonia Viivay (SPG) took the bronze medal, which weighs 216 kg at the 100, clean and jerk in Snatch.

This time, Mirabai Chan (48kg) won the first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games and wrestled in the weightlifting event. Later Sanjitha Chanu (53kg), Satish Shivalingam (77kg) and Venkata Rahul Raga (85kg) earned gold medals for India. On Sunday, Poonam Yadav was awarded another medal, with India attaining its number of gold in weightlifting.

India shocked England to the Olympics Champion in women’s hockey In the Commonwealth Games Sunday, the team lost the ‘Underdog’ with a 2-1 win over Sunday’s match. Gurjit Kaur and Navneet Kaur scored a goal and India won.

England was unable to break a strong Indian defense division, and England was satisfied with just one goal. Alexandra Donson scored this goal and reduced India’s lead.
Kom, who won the World Boxing Championship for five times, won the medal in the comic comedy games. In the women’s 48 kg category, she reached the semi-final by defeating Megan Garden 5-0.

Following the rules, the boxers who have reached the semi-final in the boxing event can then take the lead or get the medal. Vikas Krishnan joined the quarterfinals in the men’s 75 kg event. He won a 5-0 lead in the Australian Boxer Campbell Somerville.


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