‘Chemical Attack’: Syria and rural trump warnings

'Chemical Attack': Syria and rural trump warnings

US President Donald Trump has responded to a suspected chemical attack in the Duma city of Syria. Syria’s President Al-Asad warned Russia and Iran of the Assad government that the attack would have to pay a “huge price”.

Dyumalo this Saturday’s attack in Damascus killed 70 people in rural America, based in nirdharincinatlu specialty hospital, “the Union of Medical Relief Organizations’ bibisiki said. The company is working with hospitals in Syria.

The only divergent Duma of the rebels in the Thuruppur Ghatta area. It is located near the capital of Damascus. Syria and Russia said that chemical attack was not in Duma.

Trump responded to the news of the chemistry attack – tweets were repeated. The president of Syria has been associated with Assad. In a tweet, he was called ‘Animal Assad’.

trump tweets
Russia’s talks with the rebels’ group “Jaish al-Islam” last week failed. Attacks between the Assad government forces and insurgents continue.

The Syrian government said on Sunday that it had reached a 48-hour deadline for Jaish al-Islam members to leave Duma if they were released by jail al-Islam. There is no response from the Jish al-Islam on this issue.

The charity company ‘White Helmets’ released a video on the Duma incident. It contains a lot of people in a house lying in the bodies of children, men and women. Many of them are fond of mouths.

What has happened in Duma, the details of the dead are not officially revealed.

Will the US go to military action?The US president, Trump Nirudu, launched a missile attack on an air base in April against the Assad government’s chemical attack in the rebels’ Khanshakkhuan town.

More than 80 people died in the use of sarin gas in Khanchenhun town. The joint statement by the United Nations and Chemical Weapons Unit revealed that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical attack.

White House Homeland Security Adviser Tim Bassett replied that he could not dismiss any of the consequences of the ABC TV claiming whether the US would again attack Syria in the face of Duma’s attack.

Britain to investigate
Pope Francis responded to the Duma incident: “The use of chemical weapons is not justified under any circumstances. Britain demanded immediate inquiry into the Duma attack. French President Emmanuel Mekron said he would attack Syria if chemical weapons were used.

The Assad government forces in the east giant are losing rebel forces, claiming that chemical weapons are being used to prevent government forces from proceeding further, according to the Syrian government’s media.


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