shame of India again raped by BJP MLA in UP

Raped by BJP MLA

Victim’s father locked up until death?

The incident in Up the sergeant is serious
Six police have been suspended
MLA is behind the death of my father: the victim is a woman
For the year, you have noticed that you have not heard

Lucknow: “The ruling party MLA and his brothers raped me and took action against them,” the court did not do justice to Abala (18). Waiting for her father was wrongly arrested and arrested by him Khaki! The father was seriously injured in police custody and the father finally died in a hospital! This is not the story of the film.

Yogi Adityanath’s reign in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The BJP MLA, Kuldip Singh, had not succumbed to the police rallies around the climax of his brothers raping her. Two days ago, the victim committed suicide by attempting suicide. The victim alleges that the MLM is behind her father’s death. However, it was dismissed by BJP MLA. The victims have made comments that annihilate the family. “They are low-income people. This is a conspiracy against opponents, “he said. In the backdrop of the victim’s father’s death, there was serious criticism from people and opposition.

Yogi Sarkar became serious. Immediately suspended two police officers and four constables. The state DGP has declared that the committee is comprising two officers for an internal inquiry. On the other hand, the State Minister also responded to this incident. An inquiry has been made and it has been announced that the government will take action against the victims. Police on Monday arrested four of the MLAs who attacked the victim’s father on April 2. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav has criticized the state of dire situation and the attempt to commit suicide before a woman’s residence. Yogi warned that the convicts did not leave any of the convicts.

This is the background.
The BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Gunda had attacked his house on June 4 last year and said he was upset at the 8 o’clock at night and the MLA and his brothers were gangs raped the victim. On August 17, 2017, she said that she had been accompanied by Yogi Adityanath and promised to take action within four to five days, but no action was taken. In June last year, the rape was not registered till now, but he had been crying out for a while but he had gone to court to order the police to order the case. The MLA’s brothers, Arun Singh and Atul Singh, together with three others, came to their house on April 2 and said that the court was forced to withdraw the case and demanded that his father is beaten.

The complaint against police at the attack The police have been arrested and beaten up by his father in the case. She committed suicide before the home or the home. She accused Kuldeep Singh of killing her father in order to withdraw the complaint at the police station. “MLA brothers Atul, Arun and their followers beat Vinod, Shalu, Vineet and my father. In front of the police, the lonely guns, guns, and belts were killed. Though the police registered the case, the MLA does not include the names of the youngsters in the FIR. Gayle, who was in their attack, caused my father’s death, “said the victim. “On the day of the rape, the MLA said,” If you open the mouth, you will kill your intellect. ” Now he has done it. My father killed me. Did I see it? ‘ I know that. However  A district hospital staff who is unwilling to reveal the name made it clear that the injured woman’s father was responsible for injuries on his shoulders. He concludes that they were beaten with sticks and belt. When he was taken to the hospital, he was suffering from abdominal pain and vomiting.


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