How will Trump respond to the chemical attack in Syria?

Trump respond to the chemical attack in Syria

The president condemning Saturday’s chemical attack in Syria that killed at least 40 people including children he says he will make a decision on the US response very soon.

We’re gonna make a decision on all of that, in particular, Syria we’ll be making that decision very quickly probably by the end of today but we cannot allow atrocities like that probably by the end of today.

What is that decision gonna be joining me right now to discuss this Trump transition team advisor Michael Pillsbury good to have you here Michael what’s he thinking I think he’s going to do something I think he’s inherited a lot of problems from the Obama administration and even earlier Syria has been a violator not only of the use of you know human rights by the use of nerve gas but also they tried to develop their own nuclear weapons capability about ten years ago these Raley’s took that out other countries of now and as a last 24 hours been basically calling for action we’ve even got a couple of senators, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins calling for immediate military action Senator Graham’s ideas to destroy the entire Syrian air force and there’s precedent for this and what the Israelis did to the egyptian air force back in 1967 so I expect a fairly strong move it may not be than the coming 24 hours.

The president seems to be quite serious about fixing problems he inherited from President Obama so how does this play out with the Russians I mean given that they have been a backer of Bashar al-assad well the key problem is not to shoot down Russian aircraft or intentionally inflict death on Russian soldiers in Syria that’s an I am a friend and I admire John Bolton he is written in his book about coercive diplomacy and the need to back up your words with military action but we don’t want to accidentally show we say provoke Russian nationalism so that’s one of the challenges the other is the size of the strike how many missiles and and planes should be sent but don’t you run that risk anyway sir I mean if you’re going after a regime that the Russians have backed and the Russians are supporting the the pure act of going for Bashar Bashar al-asad to begin with it has got to aggravate a few Russians including Vladimir Putin I think the key is a coordination with the Russians in advance and a minimum notifying them this is what we’re going to do and this is where it’s going to be and don’t alert your friend animal Assad but the second part of it is are intentionally not being seen by puget as attacking his forces that’s a bit of a too much escalation.


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