IGBC Green Award for Amaravathi

IGBC Green Award for Amaravathi

CM Chandrababu, Minister Narayana, officials receiving IGBC Green Award for Amaravathi

Guntur: The gorgeous green pastures and pleasant atmosphere .. the polluted environment .. clean..blue .. the world’s head of the city, the capital of Amravati, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu .. Mangalgiri Cey Organizing ‘happy cities conference on Tuesday morning is the Isha Foundation Satguru Jaggi Vasudev began formally with the Chief Minister N Chandrababu. Speaking to the delegates at the convention here, he said, “Cyberabad is the capital of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

After the partition of the state, the challenges were lifted and the cooperation of Singapore was undertaken by the world standards, Above all farmers volunteered and sacrificed 33 thousand 500 acres of land in any country in the world. Currently, the fourth industrial revolution is running. Science and technology are making significant progress, with the possibility of providing industrial fibers in the state. In the coming period, we will be able to conduct all kinds of processes through mobile. Family life is the largest asset for Indian society…

Everybody wishes to live happily with life and family. He said that he intended to build the best city with world standards in accordance with those ambitions. Singapore, Denmark, Costa Rica and Finland, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia are among the top rated cities in the world. Infrastructure for the citizens .. Development school .. Higher education institutions. Research institutes, Medical, It will improve the health standards and implement the necessary activities for mental recreation. It is the government’s intention to bring good governance to the public and provide good governance. The delegates from different countries will share the experience and create a beautiful city by guiding future activities. Education and agriculture.

The economy is the source of the development of cities. We are going to go ahead with the necessary infrastructure and economic planning. Amravati also said that India has already signed an agreement with the UK to develop smart cities. The goal of the government is to create the capital city with the help of nine countries in the world, along with the need for regular and new innovations. It is said that 50 per cent of the state is doing greenery in the area. In the capital, 70 percent of the pollution-free transportation system was planned. It will use solar power.

He said 3600 km bicycle park would be set up in the capital. Happiness is possible if you can remove the social inequality and meet people’s basic needs. The International Conference of GLAD Cities has been set up for the first time in the state. He explained that the happy Sunday program is already being implemented across the state to overcome pressures in everyday life. By adopting and coding innovations in this convention, the future of Amravati is to be made into the world.

The foreign delegates expressed their hope that the world’s capital would be built if they share their experiences more than three days a year. CM Chandrababu, who works for the construction of Amravati, has been awarded the IGBC International Award by President Pres – Zine Jain. Subsequently, the master plan was unveiled by Sadhguru Vasudev.

CM Chandrababu, Minister Narayana, officials receiving IGBC Green Award for Amaravathi


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