Will Syria ‘chemical attacks’ lead to world war?

Syria 'chemical attacks'

The American aggression has been raised in the wake of chemical attacks in Syria. President Donald Trump said that these attacks will be answered soon.

Trump says they have many ways. But what about those ways?

The first one can be diplomatic. But there are many problems.

Along with Syria, Russia and Iran may impose sanctions. However, Russia is not even reduced. When the US called for an international committee to investigate chemical attacks in Syria, Russia blocked it. The US claims that chemical attacks in Downtown Syria have been reported, and Russia has dismissed chemical attacks in their research.

It is clear that Russia is not ready to accept any allegations. But everyone knows that Donald Trump does not hesitate to openly blame him!

One thing is clear with Trump’s words. If it does not work diplomacy, then another way to attack America is to attack.

They can be limited attacks. That year, the US attacked the Sharaf Airbase in Syria. The purpose of American attacks was to give the message of massive attacks.

But they did not make much impact.

That is now another way to do wider attacks. What are the consequences of massive attacks?

Trump spoke to me in the face of heavy attacks. But if the United States and Russia face Syria with the pretense, France and Britain will also have a risk of becoming a big war, such as World War II.

But the actual question is how these countries will support the United States.

If the countries do not support it, will America ever fight alone as Trump has said in the past?


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