Missiles will crash, Be ready – trump alert

trump alert

US President Donald Trump once again reacted to the suspicious ‘chemical attack’ in the Duma town of Syria.

“Russia must be ready because the missiles will crash, they are new and smarter,” Trump tweeted.

In a few hours after the Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia warned that the ‘chemical attack’ was a pretext for the US ‘illegal military adventures’ in Syria, ” Trump responded.

Be ready - trump alert

The US claims that the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s government has been subjected to a suspicious “chemical attack” in the town of Duma in the eastern province of the rebels.

However, the allegations have been dismissed by the Assad government. It is clear that there is nothing to do with the incident.

On Thursday, the Syrian president was named ‘gas killing animal’ trump.

Another blackmail on the US-Russia relations was tweeted. The two countries wanted to do not like this.

The US, Britain and France have come to an agreement to take military action weekly on Syria in return for a suspicious ‘chemical attack’. These countries have decided to work together.

What will happen later
The first official trip to Trump was canceled in Latin America.

The Trump has been postponing the trip to Latin America with the intention of focusing on the crisis in Syria.

“It looks like America is preparing a massive military operation against Syria,” said Barbara Plate, a Washington DC spokeswoman.

US Defense Secretary James Matisse said he expected the chemical attack. President Trump said that they are ready if they want military action.

However, White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said that Trump’s decision had not been made in Syria. The observation explained that there are ‘all kinds of ways’.

Missiles will crash
F-15 fighter jet takes off

France president Emmanuel Maacran said Syria could have targeted chemical weapons.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May is ready to run with the US and France for military action against Syria.

The reported that Teresa May expected to go ahead without the consent of Parliament.

US missile destroyer USS Donald Cook is in the Mediterranean Sea.

Russian warships are also preparing to face any situation.

Russian warships in the port of Syria Tartus are now deployed in the sea.

What happened in the town of Duma?

Opposition activists and support staff say government bombers bombed the Duma city of chemicals.

The capital was strong enough for insurgents in Duma near Damascus.

The Syrian-American Medical Society-Samms, a local assistant staff assisted in the rebels’ areas, said 500 of the suspected chemicals were being treated.

The World Health Organization has asked its partners to look into these reports. It also contains Sams’s company.

70 people died in the chemical attack. Of these, 43 people have been affected by the chemical attack.

The Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – OPPSW Group will soon visit Syria to find out whether it is chemical or not.

In Duma last week, attacks on Syria and Russia have been attacked by rebels.

The rebels are going to leave the Duma city with the Russian army.

What is Russia?
Russia claims that Western countries are trying to attack their partner Syria as a chemical attack as a pretext.

According to Russia, no chemical attack has been found in the samples collected from Thursday’s incident.

Russian senior officials say Russia will definitely respond if the US military action on Syria is on its way.

Russian president Putin said at a summit in Moscow that the situation would soon be detrimental.


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