‘democracy is not a success in India!’ Ambedkar

democracy is not a success in India


In 1953,  interviewed BR Ambedkar You can see a moving Ambedkar, a talking Ambedkar  rare video link 

In this interview, he shared his thoughts on democracy, electoral system, etc. in India.

In answer to the question whether democracy will succeed in India, Ambedkar replied: “Not successful.”

But he said that it will be nominally formal, and the election, prime minister, and others will be.

The right choice is the right choice!

Asked whether the polls were important, Ambedkar said the elections were not important and that they would be preferred if elected in the election.

Asked whether the polls would give people the opportunity to help those who did not rule properly .. “Yes, but who has that consciousness and idea? Who has the consciousness of voting to choose/change governments? “Ambedkar responded.

Ambedkar believes that the candidate in the Indian electoral system is predominant. He also said that the people had no role in determining the candidate.

“For example, the Congress has asked people to vote for their symbols in the elections. Was it competing for that party? Or is it educated? Nobody cared. “He said.

Inequality should be gone!
“Democracy is not a success in India. The basic reason is that the social system here is not ideal for parliamentary democracy, “Ambedkar said.

He expressed regret that there is inequality in the Indian social system. This system of discrimination has to be overcome.

Ambedkar said that it would take time to end this system in a peaceful way. Someone is trying to make a change in the social system.

Ambedkar commented that the Prime Minister (Jawaharlal Nehru) and other leaders were making speeches against the caste system and that there was no reciprocation with speeches. We are frustrated with speech.

He said it was necessary to show in the hands of the words. He said he would take strong actions.

‘Communism is the alternative ..!’

When asked if the democracy is unsuccessful in India, the BBC asks what is the alternative – then Ambedkar says he feels like a replacement for communism.

Referring to his journey to America, he said that democracy prevailed in America because communism would never come to power.

“Is not it possible to take such conditions in India too?” The questioned. Answering that

“What is that possible? There is no land in India, rainfall is low and there are other problems too. Conditions cannot be improved without solving them. I do not think the current government can solve these problems, “Ambedkar said.

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