Chemical weapons are aimed, 3rd World War is coming?

Chemical weapons are aimed
Explosions lit up the skies with anti-aircraft fire, over Damascus,

The United States, Britain, and France who missed the missile on the Scientific Research Center in Syria. American B1 bombers, Britain’s Tornado jets, and France’s Rafale fighter jets.

America’s air strikes have shown that Britain and France, combined with over 100 missiles, have destroyed the weapons market. Hundreds of people died in the recent chemical attacks in the town of Douma in Syria. These attacks were condemned by all countries including America.

US President Donald Trump has expressed concern over Syria President Bashar al-Assad that his chemical weapons were being attacked by his own people. Assad has warned us not to pay. In the wake of this, US troops along with Britain and France rained missiles from Syria early on Saturday. The three countries have been involved in humanitarian aircraft and other air bases from ships deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Syrian air defense system, the Scientific Research Center, has reportedly been attacked. The attacks included US-based B1 bombers, Britain’s Tornado jets, France’s Rafale fighter jets. Trump revealed that they had jointly attacked to prevent chemical weapons production, widespread use.

The Assad government said it would continue to pressure until chemical weapons were stopped. The trump of the latest missile strikes made by the plan was successful. Thanks to Britain and France. “I’m the only question I have for Iran and the Russians. Do you support the country that murders innocent people, including infants? Any country in the world can be estimated by their allies. The country that promotes foolish nations, brutal rulers, and murderers are not good, “Trump said.

In 2013 Russian President Putin assured the world that chemical weapons in Syria could not be done without chemical weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin described the US air strikes on Syria as an act of aggression. The United Nations Security Council agreed on these attacks by the United States, Britain, and France. There is no chemical attack in Syria in Syria, and the US and its ally have been blamed for chemical attacks.

Strongly fight: Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Asad said that their military bases targeted attacks by Western countries and that they had to fight harder against opponents. Assad’s office reported that missile attacks were brazen, cruel, and aggressive.

The Americans have been killed by the Assyrians: Syrians

Damascus: Syrian people are dead on US attacks. A large number of people came to the streets to support Assad. Immediately after the raids, rallies, and demonstrations were carried out by Syria, Russia, and Iran national flag. ‘America is not missiles, it’s cooling down’, ‘Trump missiles will not be afraid’. Millions of Syrians have rallied. Carrying the horrors of the vehicle, Syria went on the streets with the success of the national winters.

Mixed reaction to the trump attacks on Syria

US President Barack Assad on Saturday attacked his own people on chemical weapons in the early hours of Saturday. Trumped actions were defended by representatives of the Republican Party. Democrats demanded action against Russia. Britain and France, angry at Assad’s anarchy, have also joined hands with the US. France President Immanuel McCrum said he would not tolerate the idea that chemical weapons were mischievous. Prime Minister Theresa May commented that there is no alternative except for Assad.

The European Council has supported the attacks on Syria. Canada, Israel, and Turkey have welcomed the actions of the US to attack attacks. United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has commented that Syria has become a haven for peace and security in the international community. Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg hoped that the Assad government would be able to halt the retaliation of the West without further chemical attacks. Iran warned that the US and its allies would not pay the invasion of Syria. The attack was a criminal act. China blamed the US and its allies for attacks.

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