Puri Jagannadh son Akash in film Mehbooba


The film ‘Mehboobha’ directed by Puri Jagannath is being directed by his son Akash Puri. Nehahetty is the heroine.

Puri Jagannath’s touring Talkies banner is produced by Puri Connects to the Mrs. Lavavana offering and has already made huge expectations. The recent release of the trailer has a tremendous response. In addition, the film is expected to be good with the film’s producer Dil Raju. Love, action entertainer in the 1971 Indo-Pak war in the background. ‘Mehbooba’ is released worldwide on May 11th.

The film unit is set for a special show in Hyderabad on Sunday for Dil Raju, who owns the film’s theatrical rights. The show was followed by a media conference. Actor Akash Puri said, “If the media is interviewing his father from the back, now he is very happy to be in front of the media. ‘Daddy first told the story. We have done a lot of confident films after hearing the story. There is no fear. A movie is out. Teaser, Trailer Released. We have doubled more than we expected, “he said.

However, Akal revealed that Dil Raju was the man who doubted their confidant. “On the day of release of the press note that Dil Raju was releasing our film, I had a 20 phone. Cinema release cannot be said for all the Congrats. The reason is Dil Raju. Dil Raju said that you are very lucky, Congrats. Dil Raju is so out of paternity, ‘Akash praised.

Talking about the technical team working on the film, ‘Our cameraman Vishnu Sharma has brought the film to another level with his visuals. When the chicken pox came, we were shooting with us in the cold. Truly he’s got hatched. The film will then become one of the topmost cameramen. Fight Master Satish is composing a wonderful action sequence. Everything has been taken care of. Art director Johnny sets it up Editor Junaid’s movie was pretty much edited. He was very encouraging me to do well. He is a villain in this movie, “Akash said.

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