Pawan Kalyan Chittoor Tour, political war begins?

Pawan Kalyan Chittoor Tour

The road politics in Chittoor city has gained momentum … The local solution has taken a political turn. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s own district is headed by Janasena Pawan Kalyan. There are no minimum facilities in Chittoor district … For 30 years the roads are the same … The Tamil Nadu, Karnataka border district and devotees travel to Tirumala are very high in the city. In 2012 itself, the Master Plan approved the expansion of the main roads in Chittoor. But it was delayed to execute it.

Now the government has begun to expand the roads of the city … But the lands and land losers here have gone to the High Court for compensation. The court has imposed a penalty for legal entitlement to start road expansion works.

The government says that it will save the land and the land losers in TADR form. However, the victims have no benefit with the government bands. On the other hand, the municipal corporation officials began to work with the police … the victims met CM Chandrababu to do justice to them … the compensation could not be given in the form of cash … ordered the CE officers to look into other ways.

After that, the victims went to Jasseena’s head Pawan Kalyan along with their nude. There are also party leaders in the meeting with Pawan. Pawan, who heard their problems, promised to travel to Chittoor on the 23rd of this month. The road expansion is a political color. But the government is trying to do justice to the victims. The victims are hopeful that Pawan’s trip will be solved for their problem.

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