Sachin is on the streets of Mumbai

Sachin is on the streets of Mumbai

Mumbai: Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar will not be able to distance himself from cricket. Sachin is interested in playing cricket with those around him. One of the videos that Sachin Tendulkar has played on the road in Mumbai has become a viral now.

Sachin’s childhood friend Vinod Kambli shared this video via Twitter. Tendulkar has played in Dialdas Road in Willy Parli, the busiest area in Mumbai. Cricket has played cricket with Sachin as a local hotel staff. Sachin faced the balls they picked up. Sachin Tendulkar, who played cricket on the road during the night, called Sachin Tendulkar a child in the car. The video has now become viral in the press.

Sachin is currently a Mentor of the Mumbai Indians in IPL. The Mumbai Indians will face the Royal Challengers Bangalore on Monday as part of the tournament. Mumbai lost in all three of its matches. However, Mumbai has a good record on RCB. Mumbai did not lose any match against Bangalore in the last two years. Let’s see if this is going to happen today.



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