South Korea turns off propaganda loudspeakers along border

Loud speakers dumped

South Korea stopped campaigning through loudspeakers at the North Korean border. This action has been taken in the wake of high-level meetings between the two countries this week.

Dozens of loudspeakers on the South Korean border are transmitted from pop music to important developments in North Korea.

These broadcasts are clearly visible to the people of North Korean military forces and borders.

North Korea is also promoting South Korea and spearheading criticism from South Korea and its allies in its borders. But it is not known whether or not North Korea has built its speakers in response to South Korea’s action.

“Talks between the Koreas have stopped loudspeakers to continue in a pleasant atmosphere,” South Korea spokesman Choy Hoi-Hyun told the media.

He said the new chapter will begin in relations between the two countries.

Since the Korean War, Loudspeakers are campaigning on the border with South Korea. But it also gives a break in between. The propaganda war aims to make the North Korean soldiers suspicious of the words of their leaders.

The number of speakers in the boundaries increases and decreases depending on the situation in the two countries.

In 2004, a campaign broke out between the two countries.

But loudspeakers again began campaigning with the killing of some South Korean soldiers in the 2015 non-militarized bombing of northern Korea.

North Korea has announced that it will stop nuclear and missile tests last weekend. North Korea’s statement surprise all over the historic discussion with South Korea and the US.

South Korean President Moon Ji-yin welcomed the announcement, believing that the path to nuclear disarmament on the Korean peninsula would be cleared.

The moon Kim Jong-un will meet in Panmunjom village on Friday. This is a meeting between the heads of the two Koreas, after about a decade.

Kim is likely to meet with US President Donald Trump as of June.

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