H-1B visa, more impact on Indians

H-1B VISA more impact on Indians

The provision of giving H-1B visas applied at the time of the Obama administration is going to end the Trump administration.

Washington. H-1B visa holder’s spouse will not be able to work in the US The Trump administration is planning to completely ban this. The biggest impact will be on Indians working in America because most Indians take H-1B visas. The life partner in the work permit is also the highest of India. Francis Sisna, Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, told this.

What are the provisions of the H-4 visa till now?

– If H-1B visa holder has applied for a permanent resident ie Green Card, then there is a provision to give H-4 visa as a work permit to his spouse. This was applicable in the time of Obama’s government in 2015. The Trump administration is going to end this provision.

The decision was taken under ‘American, Higher American’

– According to the director of US citizenship and immigration services, this order may be issued this summer. President Donald Trump is working on ‘Bai American, Higher American’ policy. Its aim is to provide a large number of jobs to local residents of America.

– Sisna said that the Trump government is also working on the proposal to tighten the rules of H-1B visa. H-1B visas get people with technical expertise.

60% of H-1B visas apply to Indians

In the first week of April, companies have to apply for H-1B visas. 85,000 visas are given every year. Among them, 20,000 are for Masters Degree Students from American University. On average, 60-65% of applications are from Indians.

Trump is now preparing to end the H-4 visa. Under this, the wife or husband of H-1B visa holders is allowed to work legally in America. Thousands of Indians will be affected when it ends. Former President Barack Obama had implemented this facility.

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