WMD 2018: Are you ‘Ready to deal with Malaria’ this year?

World Malaria Day is on 25th April


World Malaria Day is on 25th April. On this occasion, we are telling you how human beings die from the mosquito bites.

It is known to all that malaria is caused by female anaphylaxis mosquito bites. This mosquito takes the malaria bacteria from the blood of a malaria-infected patient and transmits it to another normal person’s body. By which he also gets malaria.

Dr. Manish Jain of Bombay Hospital Indore explains that there are two types of malaria bacteria. Plasmodium falciparum is the most dangerous of which. The patient gets infected by mosquitoes only after reaching these bacteria in the body. When it is normalized, it comes with cold cold fever. But sometimes, when it is a complication, it damages brain, kidney, lungs, and liver. The patient dies even when not given the right treatment at the time.

> When malaria affects the brain, that malaria is called cerebral malaria. In which fever climbs on the brain. It starts getting fainting.

> Malaria malignant in the kidney is called Black Water Fever.
> Malaria can also damage the lungs. This reduces blood platelets formed in the body.

Dr. Jain says that the patient should consult with the doctor after having a cold fever. Many times this fever does not come in the blood test. Therefore consultation with the doctor is important. If it is treated at the right time, then medicines can be cured.

> To prevent malaria, it is necessary to prevent mosquitoes. In India, mosquitoes have dengue in addition to malaria, which is caused by the cutting of Aedes mosquito.

Ranchi: In the capital last year (March 2017 to March 2018), malaria cases of 1,40,159 people were examined, out of which 1619 people found symptoms of malaria. However, none of these deaths has happened due to malaria. This is claimed by the District Malaria Officer, Dr. Manju Prasad. He was speaking at a press conference organized by the Civil Surgeon Office on Tuesday.

Dr. Manju Prasad said after the inquiry, an awareness program was launched in village-village. 3,85,161 pesticide mosquito net was distributed.
Civil surgeon

Dr.Shivshankar Harijan said that malaria-infected mother Anaphalis is caused by mosquito bites. The organism that spreads this disease is called Plasmodium. In 8 to 10 days mosquitoes are able to spread malaria. Fever with cold, vomiting, cramping in the body, the problem of dizziness should meet the doctor immediately.

He has appealed to people to use mosquito nets at the time. Sprinkle bleaching powder when the surrounding dirt is stored. He said that there is a facility of check and medication in Sadar Hospital, PHC, CHC etc.

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