RK Legal Notice to Pawan Kalyan

RK Legal Notice to Pawan kalyan

Demand to remove the tweets of allegations and make a written open public apology
Or to be ready for civil, criminal defamation suit Legal notice of ‘AndhraAjoty-ABN’ End of Jansenadhyapati

Hyderabad, Apr 24: Andhra Pradesh-ABN Radhakrishna warned that the allegations against Twitter would be disproportionate to Jana Sena’s President Pawan Kalyan. To this extent, his lawyer sent a legal notice to Pawan. In the notice of the public, he apologized, unacceptable allegations made against him or his organization, withdrawing tweets (remove from Twitter) and publicly apologized.

Besides, the civil and criminal defamation suit should be taken against Pawan Kalyan and those behind him. Ravey made it clear that there was no truth in the tweets made by Pawan and his tweets to cover his personal and political shortcomings. “Androghyothi-ABN” news agencies reported that the regulatory bodies were subject to the provisions of the regulatory body. Pawan alleged that there was no habit to blame women for the TRP.

It is noteworthy that Pawan Kalyan has not forgotten about the ‘Andhra Jyothi’ fighting against gender inequality. Pawan was convinced that he had no links with any political party or any party. Praveen, who has been facing intolerable war on Twitter, has been embarrassed by his fans for a few days, causing Pawan’s supporters/fans to attack Andhra and ABN reporter and destroying OBVN. Without any credentials, Pawan said that he is doing ignorant allegations against Twitter in pursuing political interests.

Pawan is posting speculative and volunteer tweets to restore the falling political image. Pawan and others have been convinced that these tweets are part of a criminal conspiracy. The tweet said that he had suffered serious damage to her and her companies and had to face many questions and allegations and that her dignity had been damaged. Hence the demand for the tweets was to be made unconditionally, written, public apologies and requested removal of tweets.

sent a legal notice to Pawan

But Pawan Kalyan doesn’t care about RK comments because he has some proofs what is tweet’s

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