North Korean leader Kim Jong-un who arrived in South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un who arrived in South Korea


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrived in South Korea. South Korean President Moon Jen-in welcomed him.

He was the first North Korean president to enter the country through the military border to record historic talks with South Korea. The military border was drawn after the 1953 war between the two Koreas.

Kim Local time arrived at 9:30 am on Friday morning at the boundary of the border.

Moon faltered into the North Korean territory beyond the boundary line and shook hands with Kim. Then they both entered the South Korean territory and shook hands again.

South Korean army salutes the two leaders.

“You’re happy to meet yourself,” said an AFP news agency.

North Korea’s recent signals to stop the nuclear program are likely to focus primarily on this historic meeting.

Observers believe that talks are being held between North and South Korea in preparation for the proposed face-to-face discussions between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-il June.

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