Peru child sacrifice discovery may be largest in history

Peru: The largest baby

Peru: The largest baby bali event in history – 140 kangals available

Human civilization has grown to a higher level and today we will hear about the events of human beings, especially small children.

However, researchers say that the worst tragedy that a 140-year-old child has been sacrificed in a Latin American country, Peru, is around 550 years old.

Archaeologists are predicting that they may have been sacrificed at almost the same time, depending on the available beaches on the northern coast of Peru.

The area is now near Trujillo, a modern town in Peru. This town is the center of the ancient ‘chrome civilization’.

The research was funded by the National Geographic Society. The National Geographic website revealed the details of the study.

One of the researchers, John Verano, told the NGC that this was not anticipated. “I’m not .. no one else will ever imagine.”

The number of the traces was discovered for the first time in 2011. It was named Vanchechito-Los Lamas.

Excavations carried out around the 3500-year-old temple surrounded by 40 victims and 74 camel residues.

Overall, this week, the number of children who were sacrificed was 140.

These children are between 5 and 14 years old. Of these, 8 to 12 years are high, according to NGC.

It is strongly believed that all these children were sacrificed.

There are bones on the other bones, including the bone between the chest of the child.

Most ribs are damaged. It is thought to be a signal for the ‘heart out of the body’.

The red color made of stone crystalline is made of children. It is said to be part of the customs tradition of sacrifice.

The camels also suffered a similar torment. These are around 18 months old. They were buried in the east and towards the Andes Mountains.

“Once people learn about this, people ask only one question why they might have been sacrificed,” said another researcher Gabriel Prieto.

Any of these excavations find the clue. The weather is dry here. But all of them are buried in mud. This may have happened due to heavy rains floods. This may have happened because of adverse weather conditions and Elin.

National Geographic claims that living conditions can be haphazard in such weather conditions.

The farmers and infrastructure that have been built by the floodplain people in the coastal areas have been wiped off.

This event occurred between 1400 and 1450 BC when the carbon on the clothes obtained at this site was tested.

Over the decades, the Inca civilization defeated the civilization. The people of Chimu worshiped the moon as God. Subsequently, for almost 50 years Spanish immigrants arrived in South America. They dumped Inca civilization.

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