May Day: After 132 years, things changed, fighting did not stop

May Day: After 132 years

Eight hours of work, entertainment for eight hours, eight hours resting banner and trade union president R. Miller, Secretary G. Gill, who celebrated the third anniversary of the eight-hour workday in Australia in 1858. Ravenscroft, members

May 1 .. that means ‘meadow’. It is also known as International Labor Day. In the United States, it is currently known as ‘Loyalty Day’.

In most countries, May Day is celebrated as a holiday. The origins of this labor day cannot be attributed to any nation or event. But the work of the Hay Market in Chicago in 1886 is said to have laid the foundation for the birthday.

On May 1, 1886, many workers took up the fight for the eight-hour working day for the workers. Four days later, in the Hay Market in Chicago, many demonstrated the support. But some of the workers were killed in police firing after the show was tense.

In the aftermath of the incident, from 1889 to 1890, labor strikes and protests took place in many countries.

Nearly 3 million workers attended the exhibition at Hyde Park, the UK on May 1, 1890. The main demand of the show was to have only 8 hours of daily work.

In many European countries, the same was demonstrated with the same slogan. The agreement to celebrate May 1 as a day of labor marking the death toll in the labor exhibition in Chicago.

And then the May Day appearance around the world has changed. In many countries, fighting and protest demonstrations are on that day.

The May 1 stage became the venue for the implementation of welfare schemes and protests. Protest demonstrations on the capitalist system in different countries also began on that day. Many other workers’ movements have come to life with May Day Nade.

May Day is celebrated on some holiday in India. Trade unions will perform rallies and other performances on the same day. Workers’ welfare and environmental improvements have long been the main demand of the Labor Union.

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