Opinion: Is it possible for India-Pakistan to be as North and South Koreans?

Is it possible for India-Pakistan to be as North and South Koreans?

For the past three days, I have been reading social media and post offices about North Korean and South Korean leaders. Partition after the Second World War, after three years of fighting, threatened thousands of times over the past 65 years, increasing the hatred of hundreds of millions of tons of troops and crossed the troops at the border. Now they are shaking hands and shaking hands. So why can not India-Pakistan do that?

However, I think it is not right to compare Korea with India and Pakistan. Both the two parts are East and West Germany. Signs of the Cold War. India and Pakistan are two different countries.

Maybe the two of the two may be one day, like Germany. Because they want to meet. The mindset of the leaders of the two Koreans can be different, but the only language in the two countries is the same species, the same color, the same food and the history of both countries.

If there are more Muslims in North Korea and most Hindus in South Korea, in 2018, how can they think about each other about the 72-year separation in the present world?

Is the combination impossible?
Korean noses are much easier to mix. But our noses are too long. It is impossible to meet anything except cutting one. They are nothing less than a break.

Can we not live together like the normal country with such long noses? Can Live Strictly, but Why Should You Live? If we start to live, what is it that we have to do without boredom? What’s the difference between the rest of the world?

Whatever we are, we will accept the Galib. He was not talking about the Koreans too.

“If the combination is not possible, the opposite is good”

We have Kashmiri, there are nuclear weapons, RSS has an ideology, Hafeez Saeed is there, there is no IS, there is Afghanistan, Wagah-Atari Parade, there are so many excuses to meet each other, have satirical arts, and factories that read the fake history needed to generate ages.

What are the Koreans? Except for Hateful, Excluded Moms? So where are the Koreans .. where are we?

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