Analysis: Karnataka has an impact on the 2019 election

Karnataka has an impact on the 2019 election

The Congress and the BJP are once again going to battle national parties in the electoral race of Karnataka. These elections have become crucial to both parties while approaching the general election.

In the north-east, the Kamalanathas in New Zealand is keen to blossom in Kannada. This is sharpening their electoral strategies.

These elections are also crucial for the Congress party which is currently in power in Karnataka. Recently some states have gone to the party.

The Congress party is now the most important to retain power in Karnataka.

The results of the Karnataka elections on May 15 are likely to be clarified by any party strength in the 2019 general election.

Unflattering lotus in the south

The recent BJP in North India has become the undisputed power.

But for the decades, the lotus is unable to blossom in the south.

Hindus are the main vote bank for BJP. Tactics implemented by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in collaboration with religion and nationalism worked well in the north.

But this plan did not work out in the South. Diversity in the southern states is seen in religion, language, culture, and traditions.

They think of the BJP as the northern party.

However, if the opinion polls on the BJP are to win in the Karnataka elections, If this happens, it will be useful to the party in the 2019 elections.

The recent northeastern states have helped to send a message that the BJP is not just a Hindu party.

If you win in Karnataka, it can be more widely watched.

Political Leader Kalyani Shankar said in a column to The Print website that “BJP is the top priority in the south and it has been the first time in the north and it has come to power in the south and it is important for the BJP to come to power in the 2019 election.”

Amit Shah, BJP leader also said in a rally in Mysore last month.

In Karnataka, if the BJP doors open in south India.

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