23 killed in Ebola virus in Congo

Ebola virus Congo

Ebola virus is rapidly expanding in DR Congo. So far, the virus is on the outskirts of the city and has entered into a freshly blazing city. It is very difficult to control it.

At the beginning of this month, the first case of Ebola was 130 km from the Mandalay. Its population is ten million. Health Minister Oli Lunga Kalenga confirmed that the Ebola case was registered in the city now.

The main transportation hub city is the city of the national capital city for traveling to other parts of the country.

So far 23 people have died of Ebola viruses and another 44 have been infected.

Ebola is a dangerous infectious disease that causes a bleeding in the body to put the man in a mortal condition. It expands rapidly due to physical gaps. It is a symptom of fever. However, not all the symptoms may have such symptoms.

How to get to the city

11,300 people died in Ebola in West Africa in the 2014-16 years. The disease then spread to the capital cities of Guinea and Liberia.

World Health Organization (WHO) senior officer Peter Salamah said that the disease spread to the city of Mandela now, which means it will be rapidly expanding.

The WHO said that only three of the 44 cases have so far been infected, and they are still alive. There are 20 Ebola cases and 20 suspicious cases.

Salama said that the eco-case facilities and ecologic arrangements have been made in the council city to ensure that these cases do not grow.

It is believed that this could have been entered into the cemetery by two-three men who attended an Ebola patient’s funeral in the bikoro area south of the city.

On Wednesday, the WHO sent 4,000 experimental vaccines to the city of Khemsha. More vaccines will be sent soon.

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