How it affects your body to sleep less than 5 hours a day


Bedtime is perhaps the most important physiological state of the human being, since it not only provides rest to your body but also places your brain in a state of deep relaxation and this logically leads to great benefits for him, well be helping you to think clearly (focus), react faster (reflexes), to increase memory (memory) , improve moods and increase brain processes that allow us to learn.

On the contrary, not getting enough sleep can have very negative effects on our body, from increasing the risk of hypertension and heart disease to quickly gain weight (obesity), suffer from diabetes at some point in your life and uncontrolled your hormonal states.

Here is a clear example: maybe you wake up some morning with energy, you bathe, prepare breakfast and lunch, change your children and take them to school. You get to work and you realize that you do not pay enough; you have long yawning moments, you cannot perform several actions at the same time, you forget some things or you do not get the right concentration and increase your bad mood. Without finishing the day you already feel exhaustion and lack of energy. As you will see, this is a clear indication that your body and your mind did not rest the proper hours to take your day. But be careful, it ‘s no use sleeping 7-8 up to 9 hours if your rest is not really deep.

But do not worry, here are a few tips that you can put into practice to help your health through the pursuit of a deeper and more restful sleep.


Perform physical exercise such as walking, running or doing some sport, is key to get a deep sleep (repair): when you are tired by an exercise you fall asleep much faster, you get a deeper sleep and this is not interrupted throughout the night.

The bed is only for sleeping (and obviously having sex with your partner)

The bed was created specifically to give comfort to your body when sleeping. Other activities such as watching TV, eating, using the tablet, cell phone or laptop to play or watch social networks do not attract any positive effect on your dream.

Organize your sleep hours

It is necessary to have an organization in your hours of rest. You must sleep at the same time each day, as well as sleep the same amount of time. Accustomed to your body and your mind to be constant improves your energy and sense of humor.

Say goodbye to tobacco, alcohol, and coffee

It is known that coffee, tobacco, and alcohol harm your body in some specific way, can cause a sleep disorder, insomnia or increase the need to get up to urinate which interrupts your rest.

Taking short naps

Sleeping naps during the afternoon benefit your mood and the amount of energy. Sleeping no more than 30 minutes is enough to give your body physical and emotional stability.

Sleep relaxed, never disturbed

If you lie down and spend a lot of time and you can not sleep, you may not have found the relaxation necessary to enter the dream. The best thing is to get up, read a book a bit or you can simply use your mind, reflect or enter into a conversation with someone else. Never use the TV, computer or telephone before sleeping (at least 1 hour before), since the high lights of these devices can cause your brain to stay awake for a long time and it is difficult for you to achieve sleep.


This article should not be considered as an equivalent of a professional medical consultation. Consult your trusted doctor if you have any questions about this or any other issue related to your health.



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