Gurkhas guards will be able to save Trump and Kim in Singapore

Gorkham guards will be able to save Trump and Kim in Singapore

The world is looking forward to a summit meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

At one time, the two satellites of salt and coffin are going to be in the opposite. Both will meet in Singapore on June 12.

Arrangements have also been made for this historic meeting. The most important of these arrangements is to provide protection for both the best.

The Singapore government will also deploy their Gorkha division, which is nicknamed for the courage and the courage for the protection of the trump and the Kim.

Responsibilities for special occasions

Diplomats told Reuters that the VIPs in the security of the Trope and Kim protection arrangements in Singapore were designed.

“The leaders of both countries will come with their guards, but with the Singapore police, the Gurkha jawans will take care of the security of the hotel.”

The number of Gorkha jawans in Singapore is not much, but in special cases, the authorities are entrusted with the responsibility of this department.

Recently, the Gorkha jawans were deployed for a compound on security issues at the Shangri-La Hotel. The conference was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US Defense Minister Jim Metis, and other leaders.

Gurkha’s protection from the Khukri

The Gorkha jawans in Singapore Police have been replaced by remote areas of Nepal. They have many kinds of weapons. Gurkhas are regarded as the most important weapon of traditional Khukharis.

Khukri (Baku) is their favorite weapon. Whenever they remove the culprit, it is said that the enemy does not go back to the back of the blood.

“I have full confidence that they (Gurkha jawans) can provide the best protection in Singapore and that’s why they will be safe,” said Singapore security forces expert Tim Huxley Reuters in International Institute for Studies (IISS).

“Gurkhas are very competent, the squad is much ahead of us, and we have trained Gorkhas to perform these operations and special operations,” Tim said.

However, representatives of the Singapore Police did not make any further proclamation on the deployment of Gorkhas.

Singapore Police has 1800 Gurkha jawans. These are operated by six paramilitary companies.

“The Gorkha section is considered to be the most important of the Singapore Police,” Tim Huxley said. They are also used when the riots are in the country with the safety of the VIPs.

Alert, United, Strong is on the Singapore Police website. They will provide support for Singapore’s security.

The Gurkha bond with the English

The appointment of Gorkha jawans in Singapore is associated with the British tradition. Britain has replaced jawans from Nepal for over 200 years for their major regiments. They paid wages.

The Gorkha soldiers first joined the western parts of the 19th century. Nepal fought against the East India Company. However, the Englishman won the battle.

But the Gurkha adventure and war skills in the war have greatly influenced the Englishmen.

The Englishmen then began to replace the Gurkha jawans in the British Army. Gorkhas now serve in the British, Bharat, Nepal Army. Brunei and Singapore were part of security forces.

Gurkha residence in a separate area

Singapore Gorkham guards will be safe with their families at the Mount Wharton Camp. Singapore citizens are not allowed to enter this area.

Gurkha jawans and their families live here with strict rules. Their children are studying in local schools. They are not allowed to marry local women.

Before training in Singapore, they will be replaced by security forces for 18 and 19 years. They serve up to 45 years.

No more trump, Kim meeting platform

The United States says that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-wan are doing all the way to the meeting.

However, the two do not say where they will be meeting.

The meeting is expected to come to the core of nuclear disarmament. The US has already made it clear that sanctions on the country could not be lifted until North Korea destroyed their nuclear weapons.

Talks have been held over the last two months about the meeting of the two leaders. Donald Trump, who canceled the meeting in May, was given a green signal over the next few days.

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