Microsoft Data Center under the Sea

Microsoft Data Center under the Sea

Is it possible to lower the cost of fuel for their cooling by putting the underlying underground computers? Microsoft has launched an experiment with the leading technology company on the same topic.

The data center with computers was set up in a large cylinder and took the cylinder to the bottom of the sea.

The cylinder was placed in a sea of oak basins in Scotland. This cylinder sea is only five years old.

The cylinder is connected to a separate cable and other systems on the Internet and the ground surface. The same cable power from the outside of the data center.

Project Natick

Microsoft named the project ‘Project Native’.

Ben Cutler, who is a Project Native Incharge, said that cooling would be good for underwater computers than on Earth.

He said the loss of environmental damage to the devices in the data centers. If they are placed in the underside, there is no humidity in the outer environment, so that the damage can be greatly reduced.

If the computers in the data center on the ocean floor are damaged, it can not be repaired and repaired. Microsoft is optimistic that computers are less likely to be damaged compared to computers on the Earth’s surface.

Expensive affair

The data center used in ‘Project Natick’ is relatively small compared to massive data centers used to store data in the world.

The data center is equipped with servers in 12 racks. Although it is small, space is enough to cover up to five million movies.

Microsoft first launched this kind of experiment in 2015. The data center was then kept under water for five months. The dated data center is called ‘Leona Filipa’.

Project Native is an affordable affair with the participation of different countries.

Microsoft hopes to add more cylinders to the bottom of the water if this is successful.

Who made it?

The shipping company ‘Naval’ in France made this cylinder. From there it moved to Stromness in Orkney. After the cylinder Oakley, the European Marine Fuel Center (EMEC) has established a cable system in the undersigned and contribute to its contribution.

The Orkney Islands complex – the area of wind power in the earliest. EMEC has been conducting research for 14 years on the power production of marine waves. The institute also has a test center on a beach here.

Why in Orkney

Microsoft has taken the initiative to make this event the largest source of research on renewable energy sources.

The project NATIC INCURJE on the concerns that the data center will be dumped by the underwater world – said a few meters near the center of the data center would become hot for about one thousand thousands of degrees. He added that this data center will make the environment more globally.

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