Microsoft has just placed a data center under the sea

Microsoft Data Center under the Sea

Project Natick reaches its second phase and Microsoft successfully submerges a data center in the Scottish Sea.

Experimentally, yes, but Microsoft has just done a feat that can be the starting point to have more energy efficient data centers now that the cloud data escalation is unstoppable. And is that a large part of the data consumption of large centers is dedicated, especially to cool the systems with which we can access, for example, our data in the cloud.

This milestone is part of the Project Natick initiative, a project that seeks to improve the efficiency of data centers beyond the use of renewable energy in them. In this sense, the first data center has been placed near the northern islands in Scotland and forms the next step for Microsoft that, in 2015, placed a fraction of one of its data centers under the sea in California during 105 days.

While with this first test it was wanted to verify if it was possible to operate an underwater data center, this second test aims to shed light on whether its full operation is possible from a logistical, environmental and economic point of view.

For now, this second test has successfully submerged a 12-meter submarine installation, similar to a cargo container containing 12 racks and 864 servers. From now on, Microsoft will monitor this underwater data center over the next year to see if it survives underwater.

If all goes well, the company hopes to implement similar portable data centers on the coasts of the main cities, thus distributing the data stored in a more efficient way.

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Microsoft Data Center under the Sea

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