KCR warned TSRTC employees if they strike

kcr on RTC strike?

The Andhra Pradesh newspaper has published a story that the Telangana government is planning to launch Esma’s strike on the RTC strike. In that story…

There was no progress in discussions with Transport Minister Patnaam Mahendra Reddy on Friday. The minister urged the government to cancel the strike and defer it.

The unions have concluded that they will go on a strike on 11 no more than guaranteeing their demands. The state government is planning to launch Esma on RTC strike.

The leaders of trade unions are expected to arrange arrests and cases.

Chief KCR Thursday warned that the strike would be dismissed and that the last strike in the history of the RTC would be closed and the company would be closed and not divided into pieces.

However, he said, “We want this last strike and the strike is not a problem,” said TMU General Secretary Ashwaththa Reddy.

Center for funding to the police

The daily newspaper has published a report today that the Center has released over Rs 1,400 crore to finance the 2017-18 financial year. The…

The reimbursement of the Center for the cost of the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the project is coming up. It is expected to release Rs 1400 crore by March 31 of this year (2017-18 financial year).

While the Union Finance Ministry had allowed NABARD to grant funds for this fund, it was unable to do that due to various reasons. Subsequently, NABARD’s attempts were made to the Trust Funding Authority Account.

These funds are funded by the old DPR. The new DPR has not been approved. According to the old DPR, the department of agriculture at Polavaram project estimated an estimated cost of Rs 12,294 crore.

Prior to the disintegration of the state, Rs 5,136 crores was spent. The Center has made it clear that the amount will not be reimbursed. The rest of the Rs 7,158 crore is to be paid.

Of this, Rs 1,400 crore has been paid so far and Rs 6,764 crore has been paid. The remaining Rs 395 crore remained.

If the Polar Power project is not approved by the Center for DPR, the present day story will be only Rs 395 crore from the center.

AgriGold Assets Auction: High Court
Making agrigold cuttarantu auction of assets is evidence of the newspaper in a story published. The…

Initially, the High Court ordered to sell the five most expensive properties in Krishna district through district-level committee.

The District Collector, District Stamps and Registration Department, Registrar and District Judicial Secretariat of the committee, to initiate the auction process, and the committee responsible for the CIDC should cooperate.

“In the two weeks after our orders, the AgriGold will issue a notification for the auction of assets. Telugu newspaper advertising, giving full details of the two editions, the website includes the ” Justice viramasubrahmaniyan, a division bench comprising Justice SV Bhats uttarvuliccindani Friday, a witness said.

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