Trump and Kim in historic summit: “An honor!”

focus of the meeting is North Korea's

The clock had ticked to 03.05, Swedish time when Kim Jong-un, 34, and Donald Trump, 71, eventually met after months of speculation.

Shortly after 02, Swedish time, both their respective hotels – Shangri-La and St Regis – left in each caravan. At 02.20, Trump arrived at the hotel Capella on the luxury island of Sentosa where the meeting is held. Just over ten minutes later, Kim Jong-un was in place.

The meeting began with Kim and Trump shaking hands in front of the photographers. The handshake lasted 12 seconds and was very modest with Trump measurements measured. It happened to a historical background: American and North Korean flags lined up next to each other on the Capsa staircase.

On the podium, they exchange some unknown words with each other. Trump grabbed Kim’s upper arm under the opening of their handshake and then put his arm around his back and pointed out the way to the meeting room.

After the hand, they entered a library where photographers continued to take pictures.

“It feels really good. It’s a great honor for me to be here, we will have a great relationship in front of us, “said Donald Trump in front of the TV cameras.

On the question of how he thinks the summit goes, the US President replied:

– Enormously successful!

Kim Jong-un, who sat in an armchair next to Trump, then said through an interpreter:

– It has not been easy to get to this point. The old prejudices and habits acted as an obstacle, but we have overcome them all and today we are here.

Trump made the thumbs up when he heard the translation.

After the photo shoot, Trump and Kim met on hand (including their interpreters) for about 35 minutes, ten minutes shorter than planned.

After the private meeting, they went side by side and logged together against the photographers from an airway. Reporters screamed up and Trump responded:

– Great relationship!

According to The Guardian, Kim turned to Trump:

“Many in the world will think this is a kind of fantasy from a science fiction movie.

Trump and Kim in historic summit: "An honor!"

Now Trump and Kim gather together with their respective delegations for further bilateral meetings. Pictures from inside the meeting room show ten people, five on each government side. Trump includes, among others, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

“We will succeed,” said Trump to Kim over the table according to CNN.

“And I look forward to working on it with you. It will be done.

Kim Jong-un, who has joined other foreign minister Ri Yong-Ho, replied:

“Of course, there are challenges ahead of us, but I’m ready to do this.

According to CNN, Kim did not respond when reporters questioned whether he intends to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

Then Trump said:

“Together we will take care of it. We will solve a big problem, a big dilemma.

The meeting between delegations is scheduled to run until 05.30, Swedish time when it is rounded off with a working lunch.

At 10.00, Swedish time, Trump will then hold a press conference.

With less than four hours left, the US president was awake and in the twitter. The President stated that all meetings in front of the main issue went well – but that it does not play any role.

Everything depends on what happens when they meet face to face:

“We will all soon know about a real deal, unlike the ones before, can be achieved or not,” twittered Trump

Trump and Kim in historic summit

Earlier on Monday, it has been reported that President Trump says to know directly, within a minute, whether Kim Jong-un seriously believes that he wants to create peace and is prepared to really put the nuclear weapons ambitions aside.

But already in the night before the meeting, Trump considered he had gained a great deal of history and mentioned, among other things, that US citizens who were detained were detained and that the gunmen from North Korea had silenced.

“It will be fine,” he tweeted.

The US camp declared the day before the meeting that the talks between the countries “develop faster than expected”. Therefore, it was decided that the president leaves Singapore already at 13 o’clock, Swedish time.

This is the meeting about

The focus of the meeting is North Korea’s nuclear weapons and the economic sanctions against the country. The United States wants North Korea to give up its entire nuclear-armed forces while North Korea wants the disarmament to apply throughout the Korean Peninsula, which would mean that the United States also withdraws troops from its allied South Korea.

Probably also discussed North Korea’s chemical and biological weapons. From a North Korean perspective, it is important to get a peace agreement on the 1950s Korean War (at present, only military facilities exist) and “normalized relations”, such as trade agreements and diplomatic relations.

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