Apple blocks iPhone and protects us from law enforcement

new system to block the iPhone

Apple does not stop even before the police, here is the new system to block the iPhone and avoid reading data.

With the new update to iOS 12, the iPhone will also have the ability to be impenetrable to law enforcement. Yes, you understood correctly. No more arrogance from the police on your iPhone.

Apple blocks every access, iPhone become impenetrable

Joking aside, when the developers of Apple have thought of this new system must have remembered the case of San Bernardino, with the police that put pressure on Tim Cook to have free access to the unlock of the iPhone by the attacker and the Cook instead he refused. Eventually, the police managed to get what they wanted with their own strength, and probably at the tops of the bitten apple, it was not appreciated at all. No more entrances and magheggi by lightning cable, with iOS 12 ends the patches, to use an expression particularly popular today in our parts.

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Police aside, specialized companies like GrayShift, Cellebrite use this system to get around the blockade of the iPhone that after a certain number of wrong passwords end up completely immobilized, if not even lose the saved data. The most common methods will therefore now become unusable, even the lightning cable entry as this port will be disabled on the phone that has been blocked for more than an hour.

Here is the statement released by Apple: “We are always committed to strengthening security protections in every Apple product, to help our customers defend themselves against hackers, identity theft and intrusion into their personal data. We have enormous respect for law enforcement and we certainly do not plan our security updates to frustrate their efforts. ”

The update is designed primarily to defend iPhone owners from hackers, but Apple has also added that it is also designed for those who must defend themselves from the abuse of power of law enforcement. “Law enforcement officers seize and try to crack phones without having to comply with the same restrictions as under US law.” Naturally, FBI chief Christopher Wray does not agree with the choice at all and underlines how this could be counterproductive for the safety of citizens.

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