Apple, iOS 12 will close the hole used by the police / New update

Apple, iOS 12 police / New update

iPhoneApple, iOS 12 will close the hole used by the police: a new update to arm the iPhone. Ready for the new smartphone security upgrade of Cupertino

The new battle between Apple and law enforcement agencies. The famous American company of Cupertino will soon introduce an update of iOS 12 for security, and the goal is to even more armament mobile devices of its production. With the new change, the lightning port to transfer data cannot be used more than an hour after the phone has been locked.

If you want to unlock, you will need to insert the personal pin of the iPhone. It will obviously be more protection for consumers, but at the same time, a new wheelchair to law enforcement, who in recent times have been using software developed by Grayshift to bypass criminals’ phones during investigations.


This software costs $ 15,000, and according to the New York Times, the Indian police were already allowed to release 96 iPhones from the beginning of the year. Too bad that with the new update, this program will become obsolete.

The Californian company has always carried out this battle of privacy, and the best-known case occurred during the 2015 San Bernardino massacre when 14 people died, and Apple refused to provide the FBI with data to unlock the phone aggressor. The California multinational has commented on the latest news saying: “We have the greatest respect for law enforcement and we do not develop our safety improvements with the intention of complicating the performance of their work”.

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