Smart Ronaldo stopped Spain: Russia has not seen such football yet

Ronaldo stopped Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo Nets Stunning Hat-Trick As Portugal Rescue Point Against Spain In Thrilling Clash

Ronaldo vs. All

The man who came up with matches after sunset is a genius. Neither Fisht nor Luzhniki, no other stadium in the world could give such an atmosphere in the daytime. The fantastically beautiful arena in Sochi has become even more beautiful against the background of a blue-black sky. From the bottom up, from the field, she certainly looked even more impressive. But those who could appreciate it from such a perspective was clearly not up to it.

Ronaldo vs. Ramos and half of Real Madrid , the players of Sporting, running away from the insane president and sick fans, David Silva , who fought for the life of the newborn son all winter and won the death together with the kid, – an unimaginable amount was concentrated in one field of the “Fisht” stadium human stories. The arena in Sochi was overcrowded, and not for nothing. June 15, in the fourth match of this World Cup, Spain and Portugal showed space football.

Quite frankly, there was not much fiction on the field in the first half. But football is not just a game, is it? After all, a penalty for Ronaldo in the third minute is not only the next goal of the Portuguese in this endless season. It’s the loud screams of his admirers, the exhalations of the unfortunate Spaniards, maybe a couple of heart attacks – who knows? And what was during and after the goal of Diego Costa? While he wound the defenders of the Portuguese national team, hundreds of hearts died after each movement.

Separately it is necessary to dwell on the figure of Ronaldo. He did much more today than Costa. From the TV screen, even on a huge screen in any fan zone of Russia and the world, you will not see what role he plays for his team. The camera snatches those same penalties, goals, dudes’ tricks and occasionally – displeased glances, directing gestures and firm indignant strokes of hands. In fact, he is constantly in the game, and sometimes it seems that the head coach Fernando Santos team is not needed at all. On the field, they have a leader, a brother, a mentor – yes, whatever. And you will not understand right away whether it’s good or bad.

Extremely self-confident people can infect others with colossal belief in themselves, and maybe vice versa. In the case of Ronaldo, it can be seen that his masterovitye, but much less gifted and status partners sometimes clearly try to either play on their leader or play so that this leader does not disappoint.

Cristiano acts a lot on his own and demands a lot from his partners, sincerely indignant after the missed moments for a strike or pass. Today he made three goals: first earned and realized a penalty, then found an opportunity for a strike, after which David De Gea gave him a goal scored, and at the very end he saved the team from an unbelievable free-kick shot. He’s cool, but who to recall from among his partners?

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The Spaniards were a team. Nobody knows what happened in their locker room when the coach Julien Lopetega was fired, but it seems that all this is just left behind. And in the second half, before which the team lost with a score of 1: 2, she raised her fans from the seats twice, while the Portuguese were quiet in the stands and on the field. But it so happened that in this match they were opposed by the genius of Ronaldo. It was his night and the night of all the Portuguese – their team was leaving the field as a winner, although the meeting ended with a score of 3: 3. Space!

Well, the sweet. Minute for the 60th match in the match Spain – Portugal immediately from two sectors, “Russia, Russia!” Rushed And it was much louder than the periodic “Espana” and “Portugal”. World Cup – we have friends! And it’s really cool!


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