You can already know if a message has been resent in WhatsApp

know if a message has been resent in WhatsApp

The latest beta version in Android of this application shows this new and expected function

It was a screaming rumor

WhatsApp wouldwould soon incorporate a new feature whereby users would know if one of the messages sent to the addressee had been forwarded by the recipient to a third party. Something basic and elementary in terms of privacy that finally is a reality, for the moment, in Android. This new function would be the first of the four that the platform is expected to incorporate this year.

Although the new option is already one reality the latest beta version of the Android platform, if everything works as established, the final version will also incorporate it shortly. How does it work? In the first place, we will have to send a message logically, and for this we must press in a sustained way on the text in question and then click on ” resend “, selecting the recipient.

The function does not immediately alert the sender if his message has been forwarded, at least for the time being. Its operation is much more complex: it only notifies the recipient that the message received is not original, but has been previously sent.

That is if the sender writes his own text and sends it (for example, “tomorrow will rain”), and this text is copied, pasted and forwarded to third parties by the recipient, the system will not consider it as forwarded. This standard is equally applicable to photographs and emoticons. What is achieved with this, besides having a weapon to identify the chains of messages? Just know if the information received is original.

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