Big Boss Telugu: Captain Power is a great sacrifice


Big Boss Telugu Day 8: Captain Power is a great sacrifice … this week will be Eliminated!

The big bass is passing through the second season of the Telugu film season. The first weekly home from Hyderabad, Miss Hyderabad, was a lemonette. Again Monday … The nomination process for this week’s elimination began. Samrat was the captain and he was safe from nomination. Big boss gave Samrat a special power on this occasion. Someone could have nominated one directly.

Captain’s special power is light on the brightness

With Captain Samrat referring to someone else’s name to be nominated directly, he was struggling to understand his name. What problems do you get when you name someone? And finally nominated him for the innocent child, the youngest child.

This week was nominated

Big Boss Telugu: Captain Power is a great sacrifice

This time the process of nominations was interesting. Big boss who called for the Confession Room and received nominations for two of them. The captain has been nominated directly by the captain and the team has been nominated for this week. One of them will leave the house on Sunday.

Tejaswi bearing the rope

Tejasvi Madhiwada, who is making a big boss at home, has made interesting comments to Bhanushri and Samrat, who is very close to him at home. First, you need to remove Samrat (Bhanushri) and Samrat. You are Strong Contestants commenting that if you come to the lost, the audience will be covered by my axis.

Nandini Roy, who is newly entering the house

On Monday morning, the big boss entered the house through a new Contestant Nandini Roy Wild Card. Before the arrival, Big Boss gave her a letter sent by Hunt. But everything is expected to come. New enthusiasm has come from members of the big boss with the arrival of Nandini Roy.

Did you drink three ponds of water each? :

Laugh with Bigboss Did you drink three ponds of water each? It was interesting to note that Sanjana was talking about the big bang about him.

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