Chandra Babu Expressions in-front of Modi

Modi before Babu Expressions

Have you seen Modi before Babu Expressions: Botsa, endless, GVL bombing

Ambati Rambabu fires over Chandrababu Naidu Amaravati:

The YSR Congress party leaders allege that Chief Minister Nair Chandrababu Naidu had spoken in Amravati at a meeting of the Niyati Ayodh, saying there was nothing in Delhi looking for. VP leader Botsa Satyanarayana AP CE has been severely damaged by fire.

BOTA criticized the photographs taken during the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Niyati Ayog meeting. He said that there was a massive campaign to go to Delhi and quake the earthquake and wait for Prime Minister Modi to settle the injustice of the state.

Chandrababu expressions look to cover the fear

Chandrababu went to Delhi and told me that I would walk out at a meeting of Niyati Iyog if I needed to walk out, but went to Narendra Modi and put the batons on her. Looking at Modi’s face, looking at the facial expressions found on the face of Chandrababu, his fear is clearly visible.

Chandrashekhar is a bad laugh. Chandrababu once again proved that they are not in the drama about playing the drama. The original Chandrababu is not fighting to fight, but if you do not have hair, you’re going to have legs.

Modi before Babu Expressions

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The battle for the sake of the legs looks like Yellow Battle

VPP spokesperson Battula Brahmananda Reddy said that Chandrababu did not fight in Delhi for the benefit of the party, and he was in the forefront of Modi’s pretense of Modi’s threat to the vote. Laluachi’s politics is a butterfly education. Chandrababu Lalu is with the BJP. Chandrababu’s words at Modi in Delhi are the proofs. That’s how he looks to the media in the fight with Modi, but he seems to be fighting for Modi. The leaders of the NCP have criticized Chandra Babu with a smile and smile with Modi and shaking hands with his hands.

GVL who bombed the TDP

BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao reacted to TDP’s campaign against Naidu Ayon’s meeting with Chandrababu Center. “The TDP lies in the media about the Niyati Iyog convention. The time allocated for each chief minister at the meeting is 7 minutes. Chandrababu spoke for 12 minutes. But the CM did not follow the conflict. The TDP’s false propaganda is entirely exposed through these films. That’s the cat in the tiger street at home ..! Chandrababu laughs with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

More funds in the package are Chandrababu

GVLL said that Chandrababu himself had told him that more money was brought to the state than the package, now he has taken Eurozone and people are watching it. GVLL said that TDP leaders were well aware that Chandrababu had addressed the state issues in the Niyati Ayog meeting, but they are limited to campaigns and are not working for the development of the people. The Center is ready to help, but there is nothing missing. Why do not you have a special purpose vehicle set up? We are going to come up with the funds to come to Polavaram. We have information that will be released soon by NABARD. The center has provided Rs.300 crore for backward districts and each rupee center to get to the state.


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