Iceland is the first in the world to experience immigrants

Iceland is the first in the world to experience immigrants

This is the country that embraces immigrants, Iceland is the first in 139 countries in the world to experience immigrants.

The number of immigrants has grown steadily over the past decade in this country, where there are only Icelandese people away from other European countries. What is the life of immigrants living there?

“It’s gone mad for Iceland football” Arterton Santoni, who came from Argentina eight years ago settled in this small country in Europe.

He is playing for the first time in the World Cup, playing for Iceland. The match is going on with Argentina.

“They are very proud of playing with their country, the big country like Argentina. But they never treated me disrespectfully with me. The real people will never treat disrespectfully with foreigners, “he said.

Santoni’s opinion is not surprising. Iceland is at the top of the list of countries with the most friendly atmosphere for settling foreigners.

Iceland, the northern Atlantic, was once a country with no one. The country, with a population of 3.5 lakhs, is well known for its social welfare.

According to 2017, 10.6 percent of the country’s population is a foreigner.

The same two decades ago, the number of immigrants here was just 2 percent of the population. That is 430 percent.

Equal to all

Last year, new people came to Iceland.

One of them was Fernando Bajan from Peru. He came to Iceland with a good offer as a specialist radiologist at Reznick Hospital.

“This is one of the countries that have equal opportunities for all, Iceland has attracted me,” said Bajan.

From the poorest country to the richest country

 Iceland is the first in the world to experience immigrants


There is a substantial increase in the Iceland economy over the last half century due to free-market policies.

Iceland has become the richest nation ever since the poorest Europe in Europe. Because of that, the country is facing a serious labor shortage.

Iceland’s Business Association Iceland estimates that 2.5-3 percent of the country’s economy is estimated to require around 3,000 new workers annually.

The country’s unemployment rate is just below 2.2 percent and new employees will be required from abroad.

Migration to Iceland has a large number of Polish nationalities. Only 38.3 percent of all inmates in 2017. Later the Lithuanians were 5.2 percent and the Philippines 4.5 percent.

Tomasz Chapek, who came to Iceland 11 years ago, said that he had been working in a few days.

But in 2008 the three largest banks in the country went bankrupt, but suddenly the number of immigrants in Iceland decreased.

But by 2011, the rapidly recovering Iceland GDP increased. In 2012, the number of immigrants increased since 2012.

Recently the number of tourists to Iceland has increased. The number of tourists coming to Iceland has tripled between 2010-2017. The number of hotels in Renwick has increased significantly.

The cost of education is the government

Migration to Iceland is not just a good job for many. Many people feel that this is a good country in terms of child-rearing.

35-year-old Isabel has a three-year-old daughter. She said that the government would be very helpful to single mothers and that children have a lot of opportunities and education would be good.

The cost of primary education in Iceland is largely responsible for the government. Iceland is ranked in the list of the world’s most educated countries after Finland and Norway.

29-year-old Azhara Bejarano, who arrived here from Spain, said that Iceland is the safest country for children.

The crime rate is very low.

It is called immigrants, however, that Iceland’s integration into society is not easy.

It is very important to speak the Icelandic language to come together in the local community. But it’s a difficult thing for many immigrants.

“The fear of locals is where they will lose their culture. That’s why locals speak in a different language if the locals are very concerned, “said Thomas Chiappe.

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Cultural colds

Immigrants say it is difficult to learn the most difficult grammar, the Icelandic language.

Donald Trump is the Polish American McGee Chilelevsky who has been here since he became America’s president, saying, “It’s hard to be part of the Island community.”

The idea of migrants from other countries is that if Iceland people are not racist, they do not join with others as soon as possible.

Apart from that, immigrants say there is little effort to make foreigners part of the Island community. Concerned that this may lead to cultural fires in Iceland.

Changing conditions

The government is changing its policies in the rapidly growing number of immigrants to Iceland.

The government has set up a multicultural council. It is born overseas and democratically elected six members are advisers for immigrants to city rulers.

Came to Cuba is one of them. Gamage said they were like a bridge between the government and the immigrant.

The problems faced by immigrants are high in residential and living expenses.

According to Iceland trade estimates, by 2040, 20 percent of the country’s population will be immigrants.

“There are many opportunities in this country. Is it not enough to make Iceland our home? “


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