Fan of Cancer Sai dharam Tej accompanied by the victim Emotional


Sai Dharam Tej Meets Cancer Patient

The love for fans of Telugu film music is not all. Heroes also stand up to such fans. The difficulty of his fans is considered to be difficult. Such an event has recently been challenged by Saidhiram Tej. Saidhiram Tez is an ideal actress who has been a fan of cancer.

A fan of cancer

A young woman named Pandaramma from Pandrangi village is suffering from bone cancer. One leg was removed as part of the doctor’s treatment. Recently achieved 8.5 grade in class 10. Rama, a young man from Pendurthi village, was aware of her condition. But with his favorite hero Saidhiram Tej City, Ponnamma is dreaming of his favorite hero.

Fan of Cancer Sai dharam Tej


As part of the promotion of the film Tej I Love You came to Hyderabad from Visakhapatnam to Suprihirira Sadiadharam Tee Airport. Sadhiramam Tez, who came to know about this, called her to the airport by her fans.

About Fan Health

The supreme hero asked about golden health. He also congratulated Ramu for helping him. Sadiadharam Tee was deeply saddened by the fact that he was living in the palm of life due to cancer. Sadiadharam Teesta prayed that all the mega fans should pray for the good of gold.

Sai Dharam Tej Emotion

Saidhiram Tej was emotionally upset about the way his affection led him to the point where his illness hit him in a position where he could not move. That golden mother did not come to the view of the fondness of the mind. The favorite hero was shocked by the child’s difficulty but he was so happy that he looked at the psyche of his mother.

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