The United States withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council

United States withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council

The United States announced that the United Nations would withdraw from the Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeio, US Ambassador to UN, Nicky Healy, said at a US press conference.

Council Chief Jed bin Rad al-Hussain said that the United States would not quit from human rights protection.

“Nothing can speak of human rights violations in Venezuela and Iran, but it will lose the right to claim that it is human rights council when it becomes a new member of the Congo,” said Nicky Haley.

She said that the company would suffer human rights.

Hailley said the council was working with political bias. “I mean to go out of the council that I do not think we should be retiring from our responsibilities to human rights.”

Hailley also claimed that the UNHRC is dealing with “greed and discrimination against Israel”. She was told that she would review America’s membership in the council.

US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo also raised questions about the UNHRC’s intentions. He said that it is not firmly on his goals.

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